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SMS Renowal

Service Description

With this service, the user can renew the time limit on their loan, for an equal amount of time, by sending a text message via mobile phone or via an online text message service.

The text message renewal is an alternative way to renew a loan. You can also use the online renewal, via the Library’s Catalogue.

How to Access this Service

All loans can be renewed by the same period of time. This should be carried out by the user him or herself, by sending a text message via mobile phone.

To renew a loan:

  • the documents cannot be overdue;
  • there cannot be any other users' reservations on that document;
  • you cannot have renewed the loan three consecutive times.

After you send a text message, you will receive a text message stating if the operation was or was not successful. The current cost of the text message is 0.07€, which will be charged on the service quota.

How to proceed

How to renew a document via Text Message:

Go to your mobile phone or online text system and follow these steps:

  1. type the following elements in the text body: BB_IDleitor_CBexemplar (BB_IDreader_CBcopy)
  2. send the text message to the following number: 915297875
Renovação por SMS

Description of the text message body:

  • BB – tells the system that the message received is meant for the Library systems;
  • IDLeitor – identifies the ID of the reader that is renewing the document. This ID is on the University Card or on the SIGARRA’s Personal Page;
  • CBExemplar – identifies the barcode of the document to be renewed.
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