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Contact and occupational dermatology

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Contact and occupational dermatology / James G Marks Jr, Bryan E Anderson, Vincent A DeLeo. - 4th ed. - Philadelphia : The Health Sciences Publisher, 2016. - XII, 339 p. : il. ; 25 cm
ISBN - 978-93-5152-936-1

Assunto:Dermatopatias; Dermatologia

Contact and Occupational Dermatology is an introductory text for physicians who patch test. It is 'user-firendly' providing the clinician with a logical approach to the evaluation and the care of patients with contact or occupational dermatitis. The approach to the contact dermatitis patient should be similar to the organization of this text:

- Obtain a thorough history and perform a skin examination
- Patch test with trays of allergens based on history, distribution of dermatitis, and occupation
- Give allergen exposure and Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP) lists to patients
- Manage with appropriate therapy and prevention.
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