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Electric vehicle integration into modern power networks

Electric vehicle integration into modern power networks
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Electric vehicle integration into modern power networks / ed. Rodrigo Garcia-Valle, João A. Peças Lopes. - New York [etc.] : Springer, cop. 2013. - XI, 325 p. : il. ; 25 cm.
ISBN - 978-1-4614-0133-9
Assunto - Veículos elétricos; Engenharia automóvel
Electric Vehicle Integration into Modern Power Networks provides coverage of the challenges and opportunities posed by the progressive integration of electric drive vehicles. Starting with a thorough overview of the current electric vehicle and battery state-of-the-art, this work describes dynamic software tools to assess the impacts resulting from the electric vehicles deployment on the steady state and dynamic operation of electricity grids, identifies strategies to mitigate them and the possibility to support simultaneously large-scale integration of renewable energy sources.
New business models and control management architectures, as well as the communication infrastructure required to integrate electric vehicles as active demand are presented. Finally, regulatory issues of integrating electric vehicles into modern power systems are addressed.
Inspired by two courses held under the EES-UETP umbrella in 2010 and 2011, this contributed volume consists of nine chapters written by leading researchers and professionals from the industry as well as academia.
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