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Climate change and the energy problem

Climate change and the energy problem
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Climate change and the energy problem : physical science and economics perspective / David Goodstein, Michael Intriligator. - New Jersey [etc.] : World Scientific, cop. 2013. - XII, 89 p. ; 24 cm
ISBN - 978-981-4407-09-0
Assunto - Alterações climáticas; Economia da energia
This important compendium deals with the primary world problems of global warming and the coming energy crisis. In alternating chapters, it lays out the nature of the two interrelated problems, and specifies the various economic considerations. Thus, it describes the coming shortfall of fossil fuel energy in detail and then presents the economic factors governing possible solutions.
Written by two world renowned academics — a physicist who writes about the nature of the problem, and an economist who discusses various scenarios and solutions, this unique must-have book highlights the problem from the point of view of a scientist and an economist.
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