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Reading Club || Memories of Russia || 16th of May at 12:45 p.m || Sala de Atos room

FEUP’s Reading Club is back next 16th of May with a session with José Milhazes, a journalist, historian and translator, invited by FEUP’s Library. The session will be held at the “Sala de Atos” room (Building A) at 12:45 p.m.

José Milhazes’ presence in the Portuguese media such as “TSF”, “Público” or “SIC” has revealed an attentive and informed analyst of the political changes in Russia, since the transition period that followed the end of the Soviet Union and up to the present days.

The cultural and literary dimension of Russian thought will be one of the topics addressed in the session, based on the most recent work by José Milhazes dedicated to the great authors of the geopolitical and philosophical thought in that country. The session will be moderated by Professor João Falcão e Cunha (Dean of FEUP).

About the speaker:

José Milhazes was born in Póvoa de Varzim where he finished his high school studies at “Liceu Eça de Queirós”. In 1977, he left for the Soviet Union, where he completed a degree in History of Russia at the Moscow State University in 1983. José Milhazes stayed in the USSR, built a family and dedicated himself to the translation of literary, political and fiction films from Russian into Portuguese. In 1989, he wrote his first chronicle for “TSF” radio station and, with the launch of Portuguese newspaper “Público”, he became correspondent in Moscow. In 2002, he began collaborating with the TV station “SIC”..

His passion for History led him to research in the Soviet archives for “Instituto de Ciências Sociais of Universidade Clássica of Lisboa” and “Fundação Mário Soares” thus deeping the study of ties between the Portuguese Communist Party and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

In 2008 he defended his PhD thesis “Influência das ideias liberais espanholas e portuguesas na Rússica” at the “Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto”, an academic work which was unanimously approved.

Look up the related reading suggestions that are waiting for you at the Library’s groundfloor showcase. The admission to the event is free of charge and the session will be held in Portuguese. For further information, please contact 

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