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FEUP's Library provides students, teachers, researchers and members of staff with the scientific, academic, technical and cultural information that support their academic and practical activities to their cultural development and social integration.

In the fulfillment of its mission, the Library has the following functions:

  1. To manage all of FEUP's bibliographic and documental estate or that is made available to FEUP by deposit or loan.
  2. Identify, select, acquire, process, preserve, disseminate and make available the information resources to support the activities of their users.
  3. To use the most effective systems, technologies and techniques regarding the information storage, access and dissemination.
  4. To define the users' typologies and to provide the services suitable for the characteristics and needs of each user.
  5. To establish evaluation procedures for the use of the resources and services and their quality.
  6. To maintain research activities in the context of the library and archive sciences, the science and technical information management and the management of documentation and information services.
  7. To cooperate with other FEUP departments in projects that share common points.
  8. To establish partnerships with other national and international organisations concerning the sharing of resources, associative work and cooperation in R&D projects.
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
4200-465 PORTO
Phone Number: +351 22 508 1442