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Computer security : Art and Science

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Computer security : Art and Science / Matt Bishop ; with contributions from Elisabeth Sullivan and Michelle Ruppel. - 2nd ed. - Boston : Addison-Wesley, 2019. - XLVII, 1383 p. : il. ; 24 cm

ISBN - 978-0-321-71233-2

Assunto:Segurança informática

In this updated guide, University of California at Davis Computer Security Laboratory co-director Matt Bishop offers clear, rigorous, and thorough coverage of modern computer security. Reflecting dramatic growth in the quantity, complexity, and consequences of security incidents, Computer Security, Second Edition, links core principles with technologies, methodologies, and ideas that have emerged since the first edition’s publication. Writing for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, Bishop covers foundational issues, policies, cryptography, systems design, assurance, and much more. He thoroughly addresses malware, vulnerability analysis, auditing, intrusion detection, and best-practice responses to attacks. In addition to new examples throughout, Bishop presents entirely new chapters on availability policy models and attack analysis.

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