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Basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

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Basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics : an integrated textbook and computer simulations / ed. Sara E. Rosenbaum. - 2nd ed. - Hoboken : Wiley, cop. 2017. - XXIII, 552 p. : il. c/gráf. ; 26 cm ISBN - 978-1-119-14315-4

Assunto:Farmacocinética; Farmacodinâmica; Farmacologia; Simulação computacional

Updated with new chapters and topics, this book provides a comprehensive description of all essential topics in contemporary pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It also features interactive computer simulations for students to experiment and observe PK/PD models in action.
- Presents the essentials of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in a clear and progressive manner
- Helps students better appreciate important concepts and gain a greater understanding of the mechanism of action of drugs by reinforcing practical applications in both the book and the computer modules
- Features interactive computer
simulations, available online through a companion website at:
- Adds new chapters on physiologically based pharmacokinetic models, predicting drug-drug interactions, and pharmacogenetics while also strengthening original chapters to better prepare students for more advanced applications
- Reviews of the 1st edition: “This is an ideal textbook for those starting out … and also for use as a reference book …." (International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics) and “I could recommend Rosenbaum’s book for pharmacology students because it is written from a perspective of drug action . . . Overall, this is a well-written introduction to PK/PD …. “ (British Toxicology Society Newsletter)
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