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Foundations of game engine development

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Foundations of game engine development / Eric Lengyel. - Lincoln, California : Terathon Software, cop. 2016-2019. - 2 vol. : il. ; 24 cm. - Vol. 1: Mathematics. - 2016. - XI, 188 p. ; Vol. 2: Rendering. - 2019. - XIII, 397 p.
ISBN - 978-0-9858117-4-7

Assunto: Motores de jogo; Jogos eletrónicos; Programação de jogos; Design de jogos


The first volume, known as FGED1, provides a detailed introduction to the mathematics used by modern game engine programmers. The book covers the topics of linear algebra (vectors and matrices), transforms, and geometry in a conventional manner.
This is followed by an introduction to Grassmann algebra and geometric algebra, where a deeper understanding can be found along with explanations for why some pieces of the conventional mathematics aren’t quite right.

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