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GIS for environmental management

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GIS for environmental management / Robert Scally. - Redlands, California : ESRI Press, 2006. - XI, 187 p. : mapas ; 19x23 cm
ISBN - 978-1-58948-142-8

Assunto:Sistemas de informação geográfica; Gestão ambiental

In GIS for Environmental Management, Robert Scally has compiled the firsthand experiences of scientists and GIS experts throughout the world to examine how dedicated environmental professionals use GIS technology to preserve and renew critical ecosystems in order to benefit wildlife as well as human lives. The case studies in this book explore how biologists, geologists, conservationists, and others responsible for managing and protecting the environment rely on GIS to help them deal with a range of environmental issues, including biodiversity and pollution, coastal zone management, and change detection. This reader-friendly text is relevant for non-technical audiences as wells as GIS professionals. 
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