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E3P - Espaço Eletrónico de Engenharia em Portugal


The E3P - Espaço Eletrónico de Engenharia em Portugal objectives may defined as:

  • create an information virtual space for the different engineering areas in Portugal, promoting the access to different contents to satisfy the tecnical information needs for professionals, the learning information needs for the basic education and the life long training and the information needs for the curious and people improving own cientific culture;
  • create sinergys and stimulating the compromise of institutions operating in the egineering areas in Portugal, universities, research bodies or companies.


The audiencies for the information, segmented according to different profiles ans access levels, in respect of the author rights laws and copyright rules, are: engineers, professionals at industry or services, researchers, studets, professional and industrial associations, general public.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
4200-465 PORTO
Phone Number: +351 22 508 1442