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Users Rights and Responsabilities

Users Rights

  1. to be attended to according to the principles of mutual respect and cordiality that govern all interpersonal relationships;
  2. to access the resources that he or she is entitled to, unless through non-compliance with the regulations of use;
  3. according to the stipulations of the Ethical code for Information Services, all users are entitled to confidentiality in their research work and use of resources;
  4. To have the right to make formal complaints.

Users Responsibilities

  1. to identify themselves when requested by Library staff or security personnel;
  2. to observe the rules set out in the Loan Regulations;
  3. to be responsible for the physical integrity of reference documents and equipment they use, so they must check their condition as soon as they are entrusted with them;
  4. to use IT equipment (computers, printers and scanners) according to CICA rules of use (pdf | 588 kb);
  5. To not reserve places.
  6. to not move furniture (tables and chairs) within the floors in the Library;
  7. to not smoke, eat or drink in the Library;
  8. to not use mobile phones or other equipment that may disturb the working environment;
  9. To not work in groups, or in any other activity that may disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the Library. The Library is a place for individual study.


Users who do not comply with the above requirements will be given a warning or penalty according to the decision of the faculty Board of 12th February 2003. In cases where a user’s behaviour or incorrect use of resources constitutes a disciplinary matter, the Library will refer the matter to the respective Faculty Board.

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