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EndNote is a software application that automatically generates a bibliography. When combined with the Word Processor, it allows the user to insert bibliographical references while creating a document (articles, theses, books, reports). The bibliography is also created at the end of the document, with your chosen style.

Installation on personal PC’s

A copy of the Windows installation CD was uploaded on the "software" server. You can get it directly by:

  1. Click the "Start" button and chose the "Run" option
  2. Type the following and press “Enter” \\software\Repositorio\Publico\Outros\EndNote\
  3. Select the folder that has the version you require
  4. Start the installation process through the "setup.exe"
  5. To add the option to search the Library Catalogue, copy the file bibliotecaFEUP.enz to the folder 'EndNote > Connections'.

If after you install Endnote you don’t see the Endnote menu bar on MS Word:

1- check if on the MS Word toolbar you don’t have the feature "Endnote" on the "Tools" menu. If you do, you will be able to access all the commands featured on the Endnote tool bar; or

2- right-click the MS Word tool bar: you should be able to select the Endnote bar and have it permanently active on the MS Word window; or
install the Endnote Templates on MS Word’s start up folder. There may be some files missing from the MS Word’s start up folder on the user’s profile. You can check this problem’s resolution on the EndNote FAQ, You just need to follow the instructions according to the version you want.

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